Migra I-Ferha’s Ravine

When I say Migra I-Ferha, what comes to mind? I would bet it’s either ‘beautiful sunsets’ or ‘what?’ Where is that? I’ve been coming to Migra I-Ferha for few years. The road was never ‘nice’ and the area was never ‘easy’ to reach, but it’s so much better than it used to be! Most of the road has a new tarmac including the parking area at Migra I-Ferha.

There is a lot of things you can do in Migra I-Ferha. You can explore the nearby area of Ras id-Dawwara. For the crazy ones there is Zipline or Free fall jump happening every so often, organised by MC Adventure. This place is also very popular for scuba diving. There is number of cars at the bottom of the sea, about 30 – 40m deep.

This time I would like to tell you about something else though. I’m going to explore the small ravine and show you a tiny inland sea, which is the size of a jacuzzi.

Migra Ferha Malta

What is ravine? It basically means a deep narrow valley or gorge in the ground worn by running water.

Now let me explain how to reach the ravine. On the picture above you can see the parking area in the distance. You can also clearly see the steps, which will take you to the bottom of the ravine. So step number one, look for these steps. 🙂

Migra Ferha

I know, that you can’t really see them well, but these are the steps cut into the bare rock that you need to find. Go down with caution. There is no railing and the steps are uneven. It’s not that challenging, my 2 year old toddler managed and divers with heavy oxygen bombs manage too!

Migra Ferha Canyon

While going down the steps you will soon spot on your left hand side the ravine opening. Amazing, isn’t it?

This spot seems to be someone’s summer BBQ private area. As the writing on the ground suggests: ‘keep the area tidy’. Not a literal translation. The Maltese speaking might giggle a little. Haha.

exploring migra ferha malta

To access the ravine you need a little bit of climbing and passing though two slightly tight points. Managed by a toddler and a 100kg big man, so don’t worry that much.

migra ferha with maltatina

migra ferha canyon malta

And here we are. Welcome to the Migra I-Ferha ravine. I visited on two different occasions. Once with a group of friends and once with my partner and my son. Not sure who loved it more. Olly was super excited. I just wonder if he liked more the ravine or the fact that he could cool down a little bit from the roasting sun.

migra ferha canyon with a toddler

Like mother, like son. Did you expect anything else from me? I don’t think so. Hehe. My wish is that Oliver is a curious little kid who is eager to explore. Who is happy with simple things, just like this ‘crack’ in the ground. Don’t expect Grand Canyon as you would be disappointment, but it is a beautiful hidden place worth checking out.

migra ferha canyon malta

Also explore the textures. Notice the change in the rock’s surface. The area of the ravine that is more open and exposed to the elements is smoother and greener. I can only imagine what it looks like here when Malta gets hit my strong storms.

migra ferha malta toddler

I know that for most people this is just a rock. Nothing special. But look at it properly. To me it looks like a master piece. It breathes. The rock seems to be a living organism. Oliver was amazed by it, touching the stone and noticing the changes in texture. Something that we need to learn again from our children.

migra ferha canyon

Look around, but most importantly don’t forget to look up! When I visit places like this it doesn’t feel like I’m in Malta, which is very refreshing.

migra ferha canyon view

Here is our group from the first trekking adventure to Migra I-Ferha’s ravine. To be honest, we didn’t even plan to stop here. We were on our way to Blata-tal Melh, but decided to come down here and explore. I can assure you, that we were all pleasantly surprised with what we had found.

migra ferha canyon maltatina group trek

And this adventure is not finished yet! When you leave the canyon, keep on going towards the sea. There will be an entrance to the water on your left hand side. Right in front of you, towards the left there is a small inland pool. Its size is of a small jacuzzi and it’s conveniently sheltered from the usually rough sea. I really wanted to try and jump in, but as usual, didn’t pack my swimwear, so maybe next time.

migra ferha tiny pool

migra ferha tiny natural pool

Again, this inland pool is rather small in size. I’m sitting slightly above the pool, so in reality it is a bit bigger. I don’t think that more than 2 people would fit in comfortably. Below is another picture of this pool for a comparison. When you see it in context with the Migra I-Ferha cliffs it looks super tiny!

migra ferha cliffs and natural pool

And as usual, not to disappoint, here is the exact location of this small but beautiful ravine. The best way to reach Migra I-Ferha from Mdina is most likely by following this route: click here.