wied ghollieqa malta

Wied Ghollieqa Nature Reserve

Wied Ghollieqa is situated right in between Kappara and the University of Malta. Green oasis surrounded by highly urbanised area. It hasn’t been studied much in the past

is-simar nature reserve

Is-Simar Nature Reserve

Welcome to one of the few nature reserves you can find in Malta. Alongside with Ghadira Nature Reserve and Salina Nature Reserve, Is-Simar is managed by BirdLife and

ghadira nature reserve mellieha

Ghadira Nature Reserve

Winter is the best time to appreciate nature in Malta. Due to its dry climate Malta’s greenery doesn’t last half way though spring. As you probably know by

migra ferha canyon
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Migra I-Ferha’s Ravine

When I say Migra I-Ferha, what comes to mind? I would bet it’s either ‘beautiful sunsets’ or ‘what?’ Where is that? I’ve been coming to Migra I-Ferha for