Maltatina Memory Game – Fun, Educational & Meaningful

It’s finally here! My belated Christmas present! One year in making and now I’m super proud to present you my ‘Malta, Gozo & Comino – Memory Game by Maltatina’.

It’s been quite a journey, I’m not gonna lie. Starting from a wish to have my own merchandise. Create something that I can sell to try and sustain my blog. Something that can give my pictures of the Maltese Islands second time to shine! Resulting in a game that everyone can enjoy over and over again.

Why memory game?

Well this is quite sentimental for me. As a kid I used to play a memory game or ‘pairs’ a lot and I would have different themes as well. One featuring fairy tale figures, one with animals, another one with Czech castles and so on. It is something that brings back happy childhood memories. Something that we used to enjoy with my family and for me it is one of those timeless games!

Another reason is that memory games are not only fun and can also be educational depending on the topic, they have great number of benefits! By playing ‘pairs’ you can improve your concentration, train visual memory, boost your short term memory, increase attention to detail and so much more!

Why the index?

Because I want it to be useful, I want you to learn and discover new places. The majority of images featured in this memory game were used in my photo blogs. Are you recognising Manoel Theatre, Villa Bologna, Slugs Bay, Mosta Dome, Red Tower, Comino’s Roofless Cave or Zabbar’s Umbrella Street?

Every card has a number and you can find the exact name and location of the image. The aim is not to just take pretty pictures, but also to educate people. Let them learn something new though this game. Even if you discover one new place that you’ve never been. For me that’s a mission completed. I succeeded in what I tried to accomplish.

Perfect present, educational material or original keepsake.

This game is the perfect present. Why? It’s original, it’s unique, it’s genuine. Every Malta lover will enjoy such thoughtful present. It is a great ‘tool’ for kids to get excited about discovering new places and wanting to spend more time outdoors by visiting the locations they’ve seen in this game.

If you think that your grandparents might be too old for this, you couldn’t be more wrong! It’s a great way to train their memory and remember those sweet memories they have of Malta.

It can also be a great corporate present. Don’t forget the majority of business people have kids at home waiting for them to return from their trip and eagerly awaiting for their presents. Kill two birds with one stone and give your clients a present that they won’t throw away!

It will be a collectable!

If everything goes well I would love to make this a collectable item. I have enough pictures to make at least 10 editions of this game! Taking this traditional game to another level. As one thing is if you have 28 pairs to match and one if you have 280 of them! Are you up for this challenge? 🙂

Giving people reason to spend more time outdoors

Not only you can play this game literally anywhere. Finding a nice picnic table on a sunny day and enjoying a beautiful day but playing a meaningful game. You might also learn though this game about places that you’ve never visited before.

Giving you the perfect reason to go out and explore. Making you want to go out there and look for that particular place, heritage side or a hidden garden.

Ideal family game for long winter evenings.

Winter doesn’t last very long in Malta, but we still get couple of those rainy days and early nights, where all you want to do is to stay indoors under the blanket. On these days is especially hard to keep the kids entertained. I’ve got the perfect solution for you right here!

Recognizing these patterns?

Do the patterns on the back of the cards look familiar to you? These beautiful patterns are inspired by Maltese patterned floor tiles and designed by Maduma.

Kim, who is the founder and the designer of Maduma also designed this beautiful game for me. Joining forces with Maduma resulted in creating something special to promote Malta, it’s beauty and heritage. From the traditional Maltese tile patterns to capturing some of the most beautiful places in Malta.

Isn’t this just beautiful? Honestly I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. 🙂 Which reminds me, Kim is now working freelance, so if you need something beautiful contact her!

Where to buy & how much does it cost?

For purchases you can contact me directly on or send me a private message on Facebook.

It’s also available from MADUMA on-line store!