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Malta's Top 10 Bench Views

Malta's Top 10 Bench Views

Malta has so much beauty to offer to its citizens and visitors. I have been going around and writing photo blogs about my adventures on the Maltese Islands for couple of months now and I came across pretty amazing places on my travels. This time I thought of changing the way I write for once. Instead of dedicating one photo blog to a particular place, I decided on one topic - the best bench views - and put together, what I think are, the TOP 10 bench views in Malta. 

The cover photo doesn't count, but if you were wondering where you can find this place, the bench is situated in the Mdina Ditch Gardens.

Now let's start the TOP 10 list of best bench views in Malta. Sorry I didn't include Gozo this time, but it's on my list. Also, please note that the benches are not in any particular order, meaning that number one doesn't necessary mean the best one. 

1) Xemxija Bay (location) - one of my favourite stops on the way home from work. The bay is surrounded by dozens of newly repainted benches offering stunning views of the Xemxija Bay. In the a nearby kiosk you can get a refreshing drink to make your stay even better. 

2) Xemxija Heritage Trail (location) - If you are in the Xemxija area, walk uphill towards the Xemxija Heritage Trail to get some great views of the surrounding areas. This picture was taken back in April, and I would say that spring is the best time to visit this place, when it's all nice and green.

3) Wignacourt Tower, St Paul's Bay (location) - one of the best views of the St Paul's Islands. This bench is situated just few hundred meters away from the St Paul's Bay / Buggiba promenade, where you can go for a nice few kilometers long walk along the sea. 

4) Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples (location) - couple of weeks ago I was exploring the area, looking for the Ghar Hanex Window, when I came across this bench overlooking the Mnajdra Temples and the tiny island of Filfla. You don't have to pay any entrance to reach this bench, but if you've never been to Hagar Qim or Mnajdra Temples, I would recommend, you start with that.

5) Zurrieq (location) - This view point in Zurrieq was recommended by a friend of mine (thanks Mark) and you get a great view of the surrounding areas with informative boards to let you know, what you are looking at and what places of interest you can find in the area. There is also a large playground, if you want to take your kids along. 

6) Magdalene Chapel, Dingli Cliffs (location) - I like to go to Dingli Cliffs on regular bases, not only because the views are absolutely stunning, but it's also a great escape when I feel a bit claustrophobic on the island. Great place to catch a breath and get some 'alone' time. 

7) Sliema (location) - looking at Valletta from this bench, you have to admit that this is one of the most picturesque views of the capital city you can possibly get. Sliema is also a popular shopping centre with a great number of bars and restaurants alongside the promenade.

8) Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta (location) - I absolutely love this view! I was sitting here the other day, just enjoying the view of The Three Cities and looking at what's happening in the Grand Harbour. I did feel really lucky. 

9) Top Of The World, Gharghur (location) - if you would like to go off the beaten path a little, this is a really nice spot. Quite a challenge to find, but definitely worth it. You can also walk on the contour to get a view of the Victoria Lines. 

10) Mellieha (location) - I came across this bench by mistake, while I was on the way to visit my friends. I had to stop and watch the sunset, as it was just stunning! I don't think you can get more romantic than this. :-)

So these would be my TOP 10 bench views in Malta. I hope you enjoyed this photo blog, as much as I did. If you think I have missed something or would like to recommend another bench with stunning views, please leave me a comment below with your suggestion. Thank you! x 

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