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Exploring the Xemxija Heritage Trail

Exploring the Xemxija Heritage Trail

The Xemxija Heritage Trail and surrounding areas are becoming my favourite for morning or evening walks. Mainly because it’s on the way to/ from work, it’s easily accessible and every time I go I choose a different route and I seem to discover something new each time. 

Roman Baths discovered in 2000 during maintenance and cleaning activities. Before it was converted into a bath complex in a Roman Period it was used as a burial site.

Prehistoric ruts consisting of parallel grooves wide cut into rock.

It depends how much time you have on your hands and how much you want to explore, but once there the walk can take from 1 – 3 hours. And what can you expect to see? The trail consists of 20 sites of archaeological importance including a Roman road, a menhir (standing stone), apiaries, a thousand years old carob tree, a Neolithic temple, a farmer’s hut, a granary/well, Roman baths and much more! 

Prehistoric granary later converted into a water cistern. 

This cave was used for habitation until the 1930s. 

Ancient burial cave. 

Malta as always been known for its exceptional honey. These Roman Apiaries are buildings/caves were bees were kept for the production of honey. Out of the original four apiaries two have been restored to their former glory.   

This Rustic apiary is a cave that was converted into a bee-keeping habitat. It was used with other caves in the area as air-raid shelters during the WWII. 

A large vertical stone known as megalith or menhir.

Thousand year old carob tree measuring 7,25m in circunference. 

thousand year old tree in xemxija

Cave of the Gallery is one of many caves in the area that were used for human habitation. Most likely a prehistoric tomb during the Neolithic period with well-structured entrance.

I have done this walk three times so far, the mornings are quiet, you hardly meet anyone. In the afternoon you see quite a few people walking around, exploring the sites or just sitting down and enjoying the gorgeous views.

One of my readers made a wish if I could include a map in my blogs, so the places I explore will be easier to find. What a great idea! (Thanks Mark) Why didn't I think of it before?! From now on, there will always be a map at the end of each article. :-)

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