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Trekking around northern Malta

Trekking around northern Malta

Exploring Malta alone or as part of a group? That's the question. I usually go by myself as I don't have to make plans with anyone, I can go at my own pace, wherever I want and stay as long as I like. But that can be sometimes a bit lonely and dangerous if I go to deserted places with no signal. Therefore this time I decided to give a go to an organised trek and joined Luke & Romy from Tag Along Travellers who planned this Sunday morning hike around the northern coast of Malta. 

This was our starting point with some beautiful views of the sister island Gozo. We were very lucky with the weather considering it's already December. The meeting point was the Ghadira Police Station at 9:00 am from where we carpooled to this location, which is marked on the map at the very end of this blog. We were a group of about 25 adults, 2 kids and 3 dogs. 

As you can see, we were exploring Malta off the beaten path. We started just underneath the cliffs of the Radar Station in Mellieha and continued walking along the coast towards the south. Depending on what you are used to and your fitness level, but I would say it was a medium difficulty trek. The surface was uneven, we had to pay attention were we walk, so we wouldn't slip and we had to climb a bit on several occasions, but nothing I didn't do before. However, if you are just used to relaxing walks on the promenade, you might have found this trek quite challenging. 

The scenery we got to see where absolutely beautiful. I'm a big nature lover and after a week in the office I like to spend my weekends outside, enjoying some fresh air in the nearby countryside. 

I think it was about here, where I managed to drop my phone and thought for good 20 minutes that I had lost it! Believe me, with all my photos (never mind the contacts) on my phone, my biggest worry was, how am I going to write my next blog, when everything is on the phone!? Oh, the life of a blogger. But thank God I managed to find my phone (that was cleverly on a silent mode) and caught up with the rest of the group to continue the trek with them. Yaaay! :-)

What I love about nature is, that it's never the same and it always surprises you with variety of shapes, sizes, colours or materials.. Our scenery suddenly changed from a bushy greenery to rocks and clay as you can see on the above and below picture. How cool is that!

Here is one of the parts where we had to climb a little. See for yourself and think how manageable this trek would be for you. Obviously, appropriate sport wear and hiking shoes helped a lot. I was wearing just a regular couple of running trainers and I was okey, but then again I'm used to hiking a lot. 

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will recognize this area, as I've been here before and I wrote a blog about my adventure. This part of Mellieha's seashore would be one of my favourite off the beaten path treks in Malta so far I think. I just love it! The ground looks like you are somewhere on the Moon, surrounded by huge rocks fallen off the cliffs just above you, with beautiful sea views on the right. And it's quiet! There was no one else apart of our group. Even when I visited myself back in April I met maybe two fishermen. Perfect place to go to after a week in a busy office, I tell you that. Far away from people and all the craziness.  

Now it's time to climb back up, to the level of the Radar Station. At this point we were just couple of hundred metres behind the Red Tower in Mellieha. If you would like to go for an easy walk, with some gorgeous view (just like the one on the photo below), drive to the Red Tower, park your car and start walking. Make the Radar Station your turning point and you will have a nice approximately 3,5 km long stroll (there and back).

Before the end of our adventure together, we also stopped at the nearby cave, which you can clearly see on the Google Map below. It is a very nice natural site, easily accessible and noticing all the carabiners in the rocks, surely used for rock climbing too. If you want, there is a path into the cave, so you can walk around like the others on the picture above. 

Photo: Romy from Tag Along Travellers. 

And here is our Sunday's group of enthusiastic trekkers. I have to say that it was a very nice experience. It was great to catch up with like-minded people, who also enjoy hiking and nature. We finished about 12:30pm, after walking nearly 8km with a couple of short breaks on the way. 

So if you prefer organised treks to discovering Malta on your own, keep an eye on Tag Along Travellers Facebook Page for more hiking adventures. Also, if you want to take your trekking to the next level, Luke & Romy organise these trips even abroad, like Nepal or Peru!

Prehistoric Ghar Dalam Cave & Museum

Prehistoric Ghar Dalam Cave & Museum

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