Top 5 Summer Activities

Welcome summer! The hottest time of the year is here! Some love it, some hate it, but this is Malta and we all got to deal with it. 🙂 Now the question is how to keep cool during this time of the year? And entertained? Not exactly the lazy beach type? Here are my 5 most favourite (not only) summer activities! Let’s get inspired!

1. Hire a kayak

Grab a friend or do it solo! Kayak is a great way to explore the islands and to keep fit! The very first time I tried kayaking, I rented a single kayak in Gnejna for 5e/h! I mean seriously! Super cheap, not sure if that has changed over the years, but that’s what it was 2 years ago at Gnejna Bay!

Last year I got a group of friends and rented two see-through kayaks from Little Armier in Mellieha. The fact that you could clearly see what’s underneath you was a bit scary and fascinating at the same time! This way we were not only exploring all those caves and hidden corners but also admire the marine life!

The highlight of the kayaking adventure was visiting the Coral Lagoon! Absolutely stunning! I think I have never enjoyed swimming in the sea as I did there. No current, absolutely clear water, quiet, surrounded by beautiful rocks.. Few people, no one would really stay around, just us! 🙂

coral lagoon

2. Go snorkeling

I love snorkeling! Probably because I need to see what’s underneath me at all times. Haha. But also because I can admire the sea life. And it’s free! Almost. All you need is just a set of goggles and off you go! Which you can always borrow from a friend. 🙂

And where is the best to snorkel? Obviously more marine life will be at rocky coast rather than sandy beaches, but there is always some fish around! 🙂 If you want specific locations, you can get some inspiration here: Top 10 places to snorkel in Malta.

snorkelling in comino

3. Try scuba diving

Did you know, that I’m a actually a certified ‘Open Water Diver’? Yes, indeed. I can dive to 18m anywhere in the world. I haven’t been diving for a while, as I was pregnant and now I have an infant to take care of, but will be back in the water soon hopefully. Having said that, as I tried it myself and did my qualifications here in Malta, I can highly recommend this experience!

I was always scared of scuba diving and I couldn’t get around the whole thing of ‘breathing under water’… But I didn’t let that fear to keep me back from trying scuba diving. And you know what! It’s absolutely awesome! Apart from all the marine beauty you see down there, it’s just so peaceful! Almost therapeutic. All you hear is yourself breathing… Definitely worth a try! Want to know more, click here!

scuba diving in malta

4. Cruise around Malta

Summer in Malta wouldn’t be complete without going on a boat trip. You can go low cost and rent with couple of friends a small boat. What about a traditional Maltese Luzzu? Which I did last year and absolutely loved it! Or go all in, if you have a special occasion to celebrate, and hire a luxury yacht. I can highly recommend Azure Ultra, a company I used to work before I went on maternity leave. Their excellent TripAdvisor reviews speak for themselves.

Last but not least – cruises! If you just want to join one of the many cruises to Comino, you got to go with Hornblower! Family run company with thousands of happy customers and outstanding reviews! Support individuals not money making giants, which are not even half as good!

Either way, low cost or luxury, with friends or with your loved one for a special occasion.. You got to go on at least one boat trip this summer!

5. Go on a SUP sea trek

Oh my god, you got to try SUP sea trek with Henry! It’s so much fun! It was challenging but also highly entertaining to try and stand on the board for the first time! You got to keep your balance! It’s a great exercise I tell you that! Some experts can even do headstands on these boards, but I’m happy to just stay on my two feet! 🙂

When I went on SUP sea trek two years ago we went to explore Ta’ Marija cave just around the corner from Gnejna Bay. Great location only accessible from water. There are different sea treks on different days, so you got to keep an eye on Henry’s FB page.

I would like to also mention a great initiative that Henry started this year. Due to the worldwide plastic crises Henry has a box attached to his board to be used by anyone who would like to collect plastic trash during their treks. Great initiative and big well done! 🙂

sup sea trek water activities malta

I hope you got some inspiration for this summer and will try some of the above mentioned activities! Let me know if you do in the comments below! Wishing you all great summer, in Malta or wherever you are! 🙂