Boat trip on a traditional Maltese Luzzu

I’ve always admired the colorful traditional Maltese Luzzu boats in Marsaxlokk and today I finally got to spend a day on one exploring the coast of the Malta! How cool is that!

I’ve got invited with my partner to join couple of friends on a day trip on this gorgeous and beautifully restored Maltese Luzzu. I couldn’t say no! Being very familiar with boats and spending a lot of time in the past years on commercial or research vessels I wasn’t worried to join even 6 months pregnant.

And here we are! Preparations in full swing and getting ready to leave the Manoel Island Yacht Marina to explore the beautiful Maltese coast.

day on a maltese luzzu boat

marsamxett harbour

Leaving the Marsamxett Harbour behind and heading towards the north of Malta and eventually Comino. On the photo bellow you can probably spot Valletta’s bastions in the background. We were pretty lucky with the weather, it was nice but not too hot and a little bit windy to keep us cool plus the roof provided a great protection against the strong Maltese sun.

traditional maltese luzzu boat

day on a traditional maltese luzzu boat

Slowly approaching the north of Malta. Just passed by the longest sandy beach on the island, Ghadira Bay in Mellieha, and sailing towards Marks and Dukes Window. If you look very carefully you can see on the picture above, just at the edge of the cliffs, L-Ahrax tal-Madonna Chapel which is also a very nice place to visit offering some stunning views. If you go there by car you can walk to Marks and Dukes Window and admire it from land.

You can judge by my partner’s smile, that he is having awesome time on the Luzzu! Especially after he was given the honor to steer the boat himself and be the captain for a moment! Oh those simple things in life, how we sometimes tend to forget.

the captain for the day

marks and dukes window malta

And here you can see the Marks and Dukes Window I’ve already mentioned. The original plan was to drop an anchor in that bay, but the sea was rather choppy and also pretty busy with commercial vessels going in and out the bay showing the tourist a little hidden cave. So we decided to keep going until we see a place we all like.

Here we’re passing another set of beautiful caves. All the people on the horizon are checking out the pretty popular Coral Lagoon. You can reach the Coral Lagoon from land, but you can also swim through a little passage way or on a kayak for example. Some adrenaline seekers even jump from the top, just getting back up is a bit tricky as the shore consists of very sharp rocks.

hidden coral lagoon malta

watch tower malta

Passing by the Ahrax Tower also known as the White Tower and crossing over to Comino to find this beautiful spot all for ourselves! Forget the overcrowded Blue Lagoon, on the other side of Comino just underneath the Santa Maria Battery is this gorgeous place. No people anywhere, crystal clear water with some great caves to explore! We were all prepared with snorkeling and diving equipment, for safety reasons I was just snorkeling around, but it was still pretty awesome.

Malta is well know for its clear waters and great visibility. No wonder is always on top of the best diving destinations lists. But it still surprises me each time I go out swimming and come across these beautiful places how blue the water is.. It just seems so unreal, like I’m somewhere in Maledives just for fraction of the price!

comino cave

comino cave

comino cave malta

It was absolutely amazing day out on a boat with some great friends. Enjoying myself as much as I can before I’ll give most of my attention and time to the little human growing in my belly. Also a perfect way to spend some quality time with my partner. Really couldn’t wish for more.

To top it all I’ve came across another beautiful window to add to my ‘window’ list. It’s quite a small window, but I’ve seen couple of boats passing underneath it, so not that small.

comino natural window

And this would be the end of our day out. So if you are thinking of going on a boat trip, but don’t want to share with other hundreds of people or don’t have the money to charter a private yacht, this could be the perfect option for you. We were 8 people on that day. We all fitted very comfortably, no one was in anyone’s way, so even 10 people could fit with no problem.

There is a large cooler on board where you can store your food and drinks to keep them nice and cold. And what I’ve appreciated the most (probably because I was the only pregnant woman on board) was a luxurious mobile toilet on the lower deck of the boat. I’m sure you didn’t expect this comfort on a traditional boat! 🙂

If you are a group of friends or would like to organize a family day out on this traditional Maltese Luzzu let me know and I’ll organize it for you!