Top 5 Secluded Bays & Beaches in Malta

Malta is a very popular summer destination in the Mediterranean with great sandy and rocky beaches, crystal clear water and perfect weather conditions for your summer vacation. Therefore one cannot be surprised that the majority of the beaches are overcrowded. If you are the adventurous type that doesn’t mind a bit of discomfort in order to find the perfect swimming spot, here are some ideas for you!

I’ve put together a list of five secluded places that I’ve came across on my adventures, perfect for a nice refreshing swim, and would like to share them with you.

fomm ir rih

1) Fomm ir-Rih

You can find this beautiful secluded pebble beach on the west coast of Malta. To get here you will need a car / scooter / quad bike as it is in the middle of nowhere. I would also recommend a good pair of shoes as to reach the beach you will have to hike for good 15 minutes. But once you get there you will have (most likely) the beach to yourself just like this couple that arrived on their kayaks. Which is also an option how to get here. 🙂 It is a beautiful setting surrounded by cliffs and wild nature. Find out more about this place in my blog.

hanex window bay

2) Ghar Hanex Bay

When I was looking for the Ghar Hanex Window, which is situated in between Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples I realized that there is a stunning bay just next to the window. After a bit of exploration I found out that it is easily accessible from land and the only thing I was missing to enjoy a nice refreshing swim was my bloody swimsuit! But who would have known that I’ll come across a paradise?! If you are planning to visit the megalithic temples, pack your trekking shoes and swimwear and take an advantage of this beautiful bay when you’re in the area. It is not easy to reach this bay and some parts are quite steep, but it’s worth it if you are up for it!

slugs bay mellieha

3) Slugs Bay

This tiny bay is situated in the L-Ahrax area in Mellieha, very close to the Chapel of Immaculate Conception. To reach this bay you will have to hike the coast for about 15 minutes, again with some steep parts, but nothing too dangerous. Don’t forget to bring your goggles with you so you can explore the underwater life. It is a shallow bay, where you can just sit in the water and enjoy the peace and quiet. Only note that in the peak summer there are people camping in the area, so you might not be the only one there, but again same rule that applies to all beaches, the earlier you come the quieter it is. 🙂

selmun beach

4) Mgiebah Beach

I just love this beach! Yes, it is a hassle to get there as you have to drive on a very narrow road and if you meet another car coming the opposite way, one of you is going to reverse for a long time and the parking is not ideal either. However, the more challenging it is the less people you’ll find as the majority likes to be comfortable. Once you park you got to walk for a bit to reach the beach and the path is slippery at times, but just be careful where you go. Apart from this main beach there are also couple of smaller hidden rocky beaches and bays, so if this is still a bit too crowded to your liking there are plenty of other options.

coral lagoon

5) Coral Lagoon

I know that this is not a bay or a beach, but I had to include the Coral Lagoon on the list. This place is like from the movies, hidden, away from the crowds, with unbelievably blue water surrounded by majestic rocks. This would be probably the trickiest place to get to. You can swim (snorkel) there from a nearby beach (here) or you can rent a kayak from Armier Beach, which is a bit further. There are also adrenaline seekers that simply jump in, which is also an option, but be careful and also getting back up can be quite tricky because of the sharp rocks surrounding the lagoon.

I hope you liked these suggestions and will try some of them (if not all) this summer. Malta has more to offer then just the couple of advertised beaches. It is a little paradise in the middle of Mediterranean. Please be mindful and protect these places for other people who also appreciate to see these beautiful hidden gems of Malta.