Adventure Hike to San Blas Beach

When it comes to beaches in Gozo it’s not all about Ramla Bay. Did you know that just behind a corner there is a rustic, secluded beach of San Blas also with reddish sand?

I like adventure and discovering new places. Even after nearly 11 years on the island. Summer time is a hunt for new places to relax and swim. Gozo has less sandy beaches than Malta, but not any less beautiful.

After checking GoogleMaps I’ve realised that I’ve never been to San Blas beach, neither was my friend Elena, so we decided to check it out. Plus the more adventurous it looks the better!

san blas beach gozo access road

San Blas beach is one of those places that are not easily accessible. Well, there is a road all the way to the beach, but I wouldn’t recommend you to drive there. You might not get out! We’ve actually witnessed a SUV stuck in the middle of the hill not being able to drive up! I’ve left my car at this spot, where are 2-3 parking spaces. After this point there is a VERY steep hill down. Do not drive there! Park here and walk down or somewhere further up the road.

san blas beach gozo

If you need a lift back up, as the hill is honestly super steep, there is a man with his jeep, captured on the photo above, offering a lift up the hill. I think it was €2 – 3 per person.

We’ve decided to do some serious exercise and walk to the beach (and we walked back up too!). The views from up the hill are already pretty awesome.

I would also recommend to wear some comfortable shoes as flip flops are not ideal for this kind of road.

san blas beach gozo road

Don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long to reach the beach. And how to best describe San Blas? Well, it is a a small secluded beach with a reddish sand, surrounded by boulders. A quiet rustic sandy beach with only couple of people here and there.

san blas beach gozo

san blas beach gozo red sand

san blas beach gozo

We’ve reached the San Blas beach on Saturday afternoon and it was just us two and another 6 people hiding between the rocks and boulders. I’m not sure what I was expecting to see, but what we’ve found was another beautiful hidden gem. Maltese Islands have got a lot of natural beauty, but sometimes you need to look for it.

The access is not easy, but again, this is what keeps the beach protected and peaceful. Awarding only people who are willing to work for it. 🙂

san blas beach beach gozo

San Blas beach is the perfect spot for everyone who is looking for a little hidden place where they can relax. When we visited the sea was a bit rough, but didn’t stop anyone from swimming. There are plenty of secluded spots between the boulders. Everyone can have their own ‘private’ piece of beach, which is pretty amazing!

As I’ve already said it is a rustic style of beach in a very remote area. Therefore the maintenance of the beach is trickier and there was quite a bit of seaweed. If you don’t mind the ‘feel’ of it, than you’ll be fine. Plus it’s only at the borderline between the sea and the beach. Once you swim out a bit it’s gone.

san blas beach bench view

Let me also mention that there is handful of wooden benches. Great place to rest your feet after the steep hill or to enjoy the stunning views. Just sit down, put your feet up and take in all the beauty around you!

I think there was some sort of a restaurant, but honestly I wasn’t paying to much attention if it was open and functioning or not (my apologies!). But there was a well kept portable toilet! Thank God for that (that’s the pregnant lady talking). So there are some basic facilities, but I would recommend you take some water and food with you if you’re planning to stay a while.

visit san blas beach

By the way this is Elena and she has been accompanying me for the last couple of trips. First of all she is just like me. Adventurer and explorer with a deep love for this island. Plus being pregnant it’s a good idea to have someone with you. Just in case! 🙂

San Blas beach is located in the area of Nadur. And once you are here you might want to also explore the area. Why not to check out the Ta’ Kenuna Tower while enjoying a delicious Gozitan ftira from Maxokk bakery?

If you’ve read all the way here and would like to visit this little paradise, here is a map with the exact location.