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Czech expat living in Malta and looking to rediscover what made me fall in love with the island 9 years ago.

Discovering Marks & Dukes Window

Discovering Marks & Dukes Window

We all have our ways how to relax, unwind and recharge for the upcoming workweek. Because I work with people I tend to seek solitary places and also because I spend at least 40 hours a week in an A/C office I need to reconnect with nature and take in all the goodness (and some fresh air). And here is my tip for this weekend’s adventure – Marks & Dukes Window. 

Yes, Malta is small, I have heard that so many times that there is absolutely no point of trying to convince anyone that it is actually not that bad. And sometimes you even get to drive on these long straight roads and you feel like you are US Route 50 in Nevada! Haha, just kidding!

I have been to this statue of St Mary located at the end of the road of L-Ahrax in Mellieha many times. The views are stunning and you can also visit the nearby Chapel of Immaculate Conception. However, I never took it any further. I didn’t think there would be anything worth seeing behind this point and I was very wrong. 

After passing the stone wall just behind the chapel you will notice dozens of Aloe Vera plans and blooming Mediterranean thyme. Yes, the area is dry and rocky, but it’s still a beautiful natural site. 

And here it comes - the views! The unexpectedly beautiful views!  For those who don’t know, as I didn’t know either, L-Irdum tal-Madonna is a Special Protection Area and a Special Area of Conservation of the European and Maltese Natura 200 network of protected areas. The cliffs along the coast hold the biggest Yelkouan Shearwater colony in the Maltese Islands with an estimated 500 pairs. Please be careful when exploring the area to protect these seabird species.

As you can see the views are stunning! Picturesque cliffs, the blue Mediterranean water is so welcoming I cannot but smile. Why? Because I am so lucky to live on such a beautiful island, don’t you think? 

While I was in the area, out and about exploring, I saw several boats passing by, some private and some commercial ones with tourists. One of the boats took its customers to explore the caves. I was impressed how close the boat went into the cave holding my breath as I was sure they were going to crash! But they didn’t! Well done to the captain and please next time take me with you!  

And now we finally got to the point of this blog and to our final location – Marks & Dukes Window. We might have lost the Azure Window on Women’s Day this year, but there are so many ‘new’ windows forming around the island that there is nothing to be sad about.  

And this is the view you get when standing on top of Marks & Dukes Window. Absolutely mind blowing! Just look at the sea! That blue is unreal and believe me I didn’t need to add any filters! I wish I could just jump in, but that’s rather dangerous (and stupid) I know! What a shame though. One day I will get a small boat and anchor at places like this one, all by myself and feel like a millionaire! Who needs the overcrowded Blue Lagoon now? Oh well, maybe I still do. :-) 

So this is the end! Hope you will give a visit to this beautiful place, just be careful when walking on the edge of the cliffs or taking these kind of photos as it is quite dangerous, but hey what wouldn't I do to take the perfect picture? 

And here is how to get here. You can leave your car just in front of the Chapel of Immaculate Conception.

Marks & Dukes Window is only few hundred metres away: 

Visiting Santa Marija Tower in Comino

Visiting Santa Marija Tower in Comino

Admiring Blata tal-Melh

Admiring Blata tal-Melh