Amazing Maltese Women – New Awesome Book

This is my first blog ever dedicated to a book. I don’t normally write reviews, but I think I really need to start. First of all my shelves are full of Malta related books where I get inspired for my adventures. Secondly it today’s digital world I feel the need to spread the love for the classic paper books!

My first photo blog is dedicated to this newly published book called ‘Amazing Maltese Women’! I’ve been seeing articles and mentions about this book in so many places that I decided to contact the publishers and see for myself.

I have to really compliment the authors, written by Kristina Chetcuti and illustrated by Marisa Attard, that the book is so nicely done! It’s fun to read, it’s entertaining but educational, there is a lot of information, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s primarily a children’s book, age 6 to 14, but honestly I love it and I’m 32. Anyone who would like to learn a bit more about important Maltese women in history would appreciate such a gift.

Obviously I’m not going to reveal to much, not to spoil the surprise and the enjoyment of reading it yourself, but I thought I would give you a little teaser. I chose three inspiring women and I would like to introduce them briefly.

Madame Manfré

Madame Manfré, was born in Valletta in 1902. Her real name was… Shhhh! (you can find out on the page 4 in the book) and she was the oldest of 11 children! When she was young she was always making dresses for her dolls and when she got older, she started dressing up herself and her friends.

Madame Manfré even worked in NEW YORK (like OMG!) and when she returned, as you can imagine, every lady in Malta wanted her to design their dress! But there is more.. in the book!

Mary Ellul

Mary Ellul was a lady born in 1905 with superhero strength! During World War II she was the ONLY woman working as an Air Raid Warden. What does it mean exactly? They would for example help people to go down to the public shelters and after each attack, they would get out of the shelter and rescue people trapped under the rubble of the demolished buildings. And that’s exactly what she was doing. She was a true wartime heroine!

And what did she do after the war finished you may wonder? Well, I can’t tell you everything can I? Read all about it, you might be quite surprised!

Mrs M

Here is another World War II heroine, that managed to save 4,000 lives! Her real name was Henrietta Chevalier and in 1920, at the age of 19 she went to live in Rome with her British husband. Unfortunately he suddenly died in 1939 leaving Mrs M alone with their 8 children! She was not allowed to travel back to Malta because of the war.

She formed part of the Rome Escape Line, risking her live by hiding prisoners of the war and Jews hunted by Mussolini. Because she had so many children, the street spies never really knew, who was her child and who was not.

What happened after the war? Did Mrs M returned back to Malta? Was she appreciated back home for her outstanding acts? Did she receive any awards? You can find all the answers on the 22 – 23 page of the ‘Amazing Maltese Women’ book!

I think this book is absolutely amazing (obviously it’s in the title already) and so nicely explained and beautifully illustrated it’s a pleasure to read. The publication has 40 pages and it features 17 inspiring Maltese women that shaped the history of the Maltese Islands. And I’m sure there will be at least a second edition. Probably even third! Yes! It wasn’t just men that made a difference in the small Mediterranean island.

Having said that, since 8th March is International Women’s Day I don’t think that you can get a better gift, that says it all, to all those inspiring women in your surrounding, than this book!

Where can you buy this book? The easiest and hassle free option is to purchase it directly from Merlin Publishers for €6.95 including FREE local delivery! The book is also available from all leading bookstore.

Presents sorted. You’re welcome! 🙂