Welcome to First Eco Park for Children in Malta

This is a perfect place for families with children aged 2 to 10. No, this is not my usual post about unknown places and hidden gems. This park is arguably one of the most popular in Malta. After all it’s located across the road from San Anton Gardens in Attard. Yet another popular spot for weekend outings.


So let’s start from the beginning. This eco park for children is located withing the President’s Kitchen Garden in Attard, which is one of the most historical gardens in Malta. It was originally forming part of San Anton Palace. Grand Masters of the Order of Saint John used the Palace as one of their residences. The area provided all the required fruit and vegetables for the tables of the Grand Masters. This tradition is believed to continue through the British Governors and the Presidents of Malta until this very day.

President’s Kitchen Garden

President’s Kitchen Garden spreads over the area of 2,5 acres and consists of a cafeteria, number of playing areas for children, outdoor exercising area for adults, small petting zoo with domestic animals and large harvest area that produces vegetables, fruit and herbs. It’s worthwhile to mention that proceeds from the cafeteria go towards the Malta Community Chest Foundation which support and improves the quality of life and care for individuals and their families suffering from cancer, disability and poverty.

The entire garden, including the playing areas and the animal park is fully accessible for people with disability and young families with prams.

Berlin Buddy Bear President Kitchen Garden Attard

Berlin Buddy Bear

When you enter President’s Kitchen Garden, don’t miss the Berlin Buddy Bear! It was donated by Herlitz Berlin as a symbol of tolerance in the world. The statue of the bear was painted by Maltese children to promote peace, love, friendship and tolerance. It was inaugurated by Her Excellency Maria-Louise Colero Preca, President of Malta and His Excellency Joachim Gauck, President of the Federal Republic of Germany on the 30th April 2015.

President Kitchen Garden Attard

Eco Park for Children

This eco park is first of its kind in Malta! It is designed for children aged two to ten years old. The aim of this project is to educate children in the production and conservation of energy and natural resources. How? The playing areas are designed in a way, that while kids are having fun, they are actually creating kinetic energy by themselves.

Having said that, the park is fully sustainable though solar, wind and kinetic energy. Some fun examples: kids can light up a whirlpool by using the stationary bicycles or light up the white bright mushrooms while walking on them.

President Kitchen Garden Attard

President Kitchen Garden Attard

Small Petting Zoo

Within President’s Kitchen Garden there is an area dedicated to a small petting zoo. There is only handful of animals. Much less than in Ta’ Qali, just to give you an idea. You can look forward to seeing donkeys, ponies, goats, cranes and other small domestic animals. My son enjoying seeing all the animals, but I don’t like seeing them in such small living areas. I wish they would be given more space.

President Kitchen Garden Attard

President Kitchen Garden Attard

Koi Fish Pond

When you’re visiting President’s Kitchen Garden don’t forget to go to the upper part of the park to check out koi fish! What’s koi fish? They originated in Eastern Asia and are most famous for their bright orange-white-black colour created over the years though selective beading. This type of fish lives in fresh water and can reach up to 92cm in length.

Outdoor Gym

This park is not all about children. Even adults can find something to do. There is a nice and well kept outdoor gym with a good amount of exercising machines.

President Kitchen Garden Attard

Play areas for different age group

There are several playing areas which are designer specifically for certain age groups. I think I’ve noticed at least four of them. Even though it is said to be designed for kids between 2 to 10, my 13 months old son was over the moon! He absolutely loved it! So don’t be afraid to take toddlers to the park, they will have an amazing time.

It’s also important to mention that there is an area aimed at children with autism.

President Kitchen Garden Attard

President Kitchen Garden Attard

Couple of notes and thoughts for the end. The entrance to the President’s Kitchen Garden is for free. The winter opening hours are from Monday to Sunday from 9:00am till 7:00pm.

I’ve noticed that there are great amount of hand sanitizing stations. However, to my disappointment, they were all empty and from the look of it, for a while now! I’ve contacted them on Facebook so hopefully they will tackle this problem soon.

Also parking is a bit of a hassle in the area. I parked on the other side of San Anton Gardens, walked all the way through and then cross over to Kitchen Garden. It wasn’t a problem, I’m just making you aware.

Last but not least, if you’re in the area, you should also check out Villa Bologna Gardens. It’s more relaxed and quiet.