Top 10 Things To Do In Winter

Many people say that Malta’s winter is like another spring. The countryside is just beautifully green and the weather is moderate, which makes it ideal for trekking and sightseeing. This time of the year is also full of New Year’s promises and resolutions. Here are my top 10 recommendations of what to do in Malta this winter that can help you with the right start to 2019.

xerri's grotto gozo

1. Stay warm at Xerri’s Grotto (Gozo)

This Grotto was discovered by Mr. Anthony Xerri from Gozo in 1923. Xerri’s Grotto is open to public for a symbolic entrance fee of 2,50eur. It offers its visitors a chance to admire beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the stalagmites took thousands of years to grow! In other countries they might grow faster as they have more rain, but Malta doesn’t have that much rainfall throughout the year. Why you should visit now? There is a constant temperature of 19 degrees! Warmer than in many Maltese houses in winter!

ziplining adventure in malta

2. Be more adventurous

If being more adventurous in 2019 is one of your resolutions, then you should definitely sign up for ziplining! There are number of adventure groups that organize this activity, but I think MC Adventures would be your best bet. I’ve done couple of ziline rides with them already all in different locations – Valletta, Mosta and possibly the craziest one in Migra Ferha. Check their website for the next ziplining adventure and just book it! The adrenaline rush is just awesome and you can cross another thing on your bucket list!

malta trek north coast

3. Meet new people

One of the best ways of how to meet new people and find new friends is to join one of the organised treks. There are many groups organising walks around the Maltese Islands. I’ve personally tried couple adventures with Gregory from Malta Treks and Explore or Romy and Luke from Tag Along Travellers. Everyone has their own style so you got to try it and see what you prefer. You can check some of the organised walks here: Panoramic walk around Fawwara, Victoria Lines or trekking around the Northern Malta.

lascaris war rooms valletta

4. Get educated

Lascaris War Rooms are on top of my list when it comes to museums in Malta. Yes I haven’t been to every single museum just yet, but this one totally blow my mind. I think it’s the fact that this was one of the most important places during WWII and some of the most critical decisions were made here! The stories told during the tour just gives you goose bumps! I would recommend everyone to visit this museum, it’s good for general knowledge but also it’s important that people don’t forget what Malta and other countries went through during the war.

abseiling in malta

5. Learn a new skill

Take the New Year’s resolutions as the perfect opportunity to push yourself to learn a new skill. How about abseiling? It is something physically and psychologically challenging. You don’t need to be super fit for this sport, but it does help. Plus I would imagine that everyone is a bit afraid of heights to a certain extent, so it gives you chance to overcome some fears and push your limits!

malta postal museum valletta

6. Be original

I like to be different. I like to do things my way. Therefore I was over the moon when I learnt that you can make your own stamps at the Malta Postal Museum! How cool is that? Just imagine sending home a post card with your face on it! You can use any photo and they make it for you there and then. Now it just came to my mind I should have done a family stamp last Christmas! Well, something to do in 2019!

the toy museum valletta

7. Remember the good times

I’m sure that most of us would like to go back to the worry free times of childhood. Those days when the only thing we had to worry about was which toy we should play with. To remind you of those beautiful memories I would like to invite you to visit this true gem right at the centre of Valletta – The Toy Museum. This unique privately owned museum is one of a kind and the owner is very happy to share his life story. Definitely worth the visit.

malta treks and walks

8. Recharge your batteries

Today’s fast forward lifestyle is putting extra stress on us. Therefore we have to make sure we get enough time outdoors. Nature is an amazing healer and sun provides us with essential vitamin D! There are so many beautiful places that can provide this such needed escape. There are many ideas in the walks & treks section, but just to name a few I would pick: Valley of Honey, Qarraba Promotory in Ghajn Tuffieha, Blata tal-Melh or Wardija Punic Temple in Gozo.

classic car museum in qawra malta

9. Meet your dream car

Not everyone is blessed to have his dream car in the garage. However there is a place that is actually full of such treasures! The one and only Classic Car Museum in Qawra. The only car museum on the island. I’m sure that your better half will appreciate a visit to such museum. And yes you can dream together what it would be like to drive one of those cars and feel the wind in your hair! Well if you have any, not like my bald partner haha!

Manoel Theatre Valletta

10. Get glamorous

I would like to conclude this list in style. Couldn’t think of a better way than a little bit of glamour! And since we are right in the middle of the of the season, with some great shows coming up at the Manoel Theatre this year. It’s also worth mentioning that you can visit the theatre without actually attending a performance. I went myself couple of weeks ago and you can read all about it here.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found some useful tips and recommendations. Please leave me a comment with your feedback below. 🙂