The Magical Illuminated Trail Malta – Review

There has been a lot of buzz about this Magical Illuminated Trail. Therefore I decided to check it out and give you my opinion on this Christmas attraction. I’m sure many of you are asking if it is worth 25eur/car, how long does the drive-thru take and what can you actually expect to see. This is my personal experience and opinion about the heavily promoted attraction.

I would like to start by saying that we visited on Sunday 6th December. We booked the 8pm slot.

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

Where is it located?

The Magical Illuminated Trail can be found at Gianpula Fields, which is a popular party venue. It’s very easy to reach and there was no extra traffic on that day. The queue for the attraction only started before the entrance and it took about 5mins to reach the gate to have the ticket checked.

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

How does it work?

The Magical Illuminated Trail, the drive-thru edition, as the name reveals is a drive-thru kind of attraction. Everyone stays in their cars the entire time (unless you want to take a family photo at the end). This type of set up is very safe as there is no interaction with other people. Just put your window down, open your sunroof or take your cabriolet for a drive if you have one and enjoy the magic.

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

How long does it take?

The slots are sold in 30mins intervals. We booked for 8pm, but arrived at 7:25pm as we assumed there would be much more traffic. We asked the staff if we should pull aside and wait for our turn, but they said it’s okey so we continued.

On their official website, one of the instructions is that all cars have to stick to 10km/h driving limit. That didn’t happen in our case. It was more like one long traffic jam, which in a way gave us more time to enjoy the illuminated sculptures.

I thought it would take us about 30mins from start to finish, but in reality it was 1h 5mins with a quick stop for a family photo at the end. Just keep this in mind if you’re coming with young children and prepare for an hour in the car. As once you in, you in. No overtaking is allowed unless instructed by the staff.

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

What to expect?

This huge illuminated installation is divided into numerous section. Let’s name a few – the ‘Animal Kingdom’ section with zebras, flamingos, a giant giraffe, a lion, a peacock, gazelles etc., the ‘Swan Lake’ display which you can see below. There was a beautiful ‘Coral World’ with seahorses, colourful corals and even a shark.

We were a bit disappointed to find out the ‘Candy House’ switched off as we really looked forward to it.

The route is done in a zigzag form meaning you get to see the same attractions twice which can get a bit repetitive.

Another thing that I’ve noticed that the majority of installations are on the right hand side. So if you want to see the most of it, drive or sit behind the driver. 🙂

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

How many people can be on one car?

Each ticket will allow access to the Illuminated Trail for 1-private vehicle with up to 5 passengers (including the driver). So if you think about it, everyone will pay only 5eur to see this magical Christmas display. Pretty good deal I think. I went with my partner, my son and mother-in-law. Four people who had a wonderful time.

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

Family photo at Santa’s Workshop.

At the end of the Magical Illuminated Trail you can take a family photo with Santa and his sledges. It costs 5eur and it will be printed and given to you within few mins. A very nice and affordable way to capture this occasion.

Every car will also receive a complimentary drink and some sweets for the sponsors.

Illuminated Trail Malta Review

It is worth it? Would I go again?

Yes and yes. Get your family or friends together and jump into one car and go. If you will be 5 people, it comes to 5eur per person, which is a really good deal. It is a very safe attraction that everyone can enjoy during these strange times. Don’t forget to book your slot though!

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