Top 13 Bench Views To Discover in Gozo

Looking for some piece and quiet? Gozo still manages to keep its rural and laid-back atmosphere offering you exactly what you need. Escape the busyness of Malta and find so much needed tranquility in Gozo. Pick your favourite bench and just sit, breathe and take in all the beauty around you.

Throughout my adventures I kept a look out for the best bench views around Gozo. These pictures have been taken over the period of one year, capturing nearly all seasons. And I’m so trilled to finally share them with you. Malta’s Top 10 Bench Views blog was a great success and I hope you’ll like the Gozo ones as much or even more! So let’s get started! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below, which one is your favourite!

1) Mgarr Harbour (marina)

On your next trip to Gozo, make sure you stop in Mgarr Harbour for a bit. You would be surprised, how much there is to see! In one of my recent blogs I’m actually talking about Top 10 things to do in Mgarr Harbour. One of those suggestions, is walk along the Mgarr promenade, pick a bench and observe the marina’s life or simply  enjoy the views. This particular bench you can find here.

mgarr harbour bench view

2) Mgarr Harbour (overview)

The second bench I would like to recommend is not very far off. It’s situated just in front of the Grand Hotel Gozo overlooking the Mgarr Harbour. There are about five benches, so I’m sure there will always be one free for you. When I visited, there was no one around. The exact location is here.

mgarr harbour bench

3) Ta’ Kenuna Tower (Nadur)

This wooden bench with this stunning view of Malta and Comino is located withing the botanic garden of Ta’ Kenuna Tower. If you are passing through Nadur, probably to pick up their traditional ‘ftira’, this is the perfect place to enjoy it! The Ta’ Kenuna hill offers 360 degrees views of the surrounding areas. When my dad saw this place, and the view, he swore that this is where he is going to retire! 🙂 Sounds good to me!

Nadur bench view

4) Nadur

If you are going to Ramla Bay for a swim, most likely you’ll pass by this bench on your way. As there are couple of opportunities to park, why don’t you stop to enjoy the views of the Nadur valley? Especially if you’re out and about during the winter months, when the countryside is just so unbelievably green! Here is the exact location of this bench.

nadur bench view

5) Mgarr ix-Xini

This area might be a bit hard to reach, but once you get to the bay, you’ll instantly fall in love. No wonder Brad and Angelina chose this location for their movie By the Sea. Well, what shall I say, Mgarr ix-Xini is a great place for swimming, diving, trekking and good food. However, with such a lovely bench available I would pack a nice picnic basket and have a great day by the sea. What else do you possibly need? 🙂 Here is the location.

Mgarr Ix Xini Gozo bench

6) Ix-Xaghra

It was some time last winter when we were passing this winding road in Gozo and I spotted this bench! I literally ordered my partner to stop the car by the side of the road as I had to check this out! Well it turned out to be one of the best bench views I’ve came across so far! This panoramic view with Victoria on the horizon is absolutely breathtaking don’t you think? This bench is situated somewhere in between Xaghra and Victoria. Here is the exact location.

best bench view in gozo

7) Xlendi

I’ve been to Xlendi countless times, just like many of you. However, it’s been only recently when I actually walked all the way to the Xlendi Tower and discovered this gorgeous view! One of those places where you can sit for hours and hours. Let me also mention, that the cliffs are far more majestic in reality than they are in the photo! Stunning creations by nature! And where exactly can you find this bench? Here!

bench cliff view in Xlendi

8) San Blas

Before I even start, let me warn you! To reach this beach it’s one hell of a hill! I would highly recommend not to even attempt to get there by car. I’ve seen an SUV being stuck in the middle of a hill trying to get back up! Take it as a good workout plus San Blas beach is an amazing place! Hidden, rural and still very authentic. Definitely a beach to include on your ‘must visit places in Gozo’ list! And this is the bench!

San Blas bench beach view

9) Marsalforn Hill

This is yet another random bench I came across on my adventures. Shame that a bench in such a prime location, offering outstanding views of Victoria and Tas-Salvatur Hill, is in this poor state. The panoramic views from this point are absolutely amazing! I’m hoping that the authorities will realise that it would be a pity to lose the seating option and invest in its repairs. Here is the exact location of the bench.

marsalforn hill bench

10) Hondoq Bay

I think it was April when I visited Hondoq beach for the first time. Already coming down the hill towards the beach, the views of Comino and Blue Lagoon are absolutely breathtaking! I really don’t know why I haven’t visited this place before! As you can guess from the flying blue flag, Hondog Bay is one of 12 beaches across Malta and Gozo awarded the Blue Flag! But back to the bench! The view is simply spectacular. Can you notice the Santa Marija Tower on the horizon? And where can you find this particular bench? Here!

Hondoq Beach

11) Ramla Bay

On the way to Ramla Bay keep an an eye out for this beautifully maintained view point overlooking this bay. You’ll see it on your left hand side just when coming down the hill to the beach. I have to admit that I’ve never noticed it before. It was just last week when I realised that it’s there! There are plenty of parking spaces available next to the view point. Making it easy and comfortable to stop. Here is the exact location.

rambla bay bench view

12) Tal-Mixta Cave

This would be arguably the best bench view you can get in Gozo! This bench is located just couple of steps away from the Tal-Mixta Cave, which is also a popular view point. I’m not exactly sure if this is a private bench since it is very close to a nearby house and it’s sheltered, but I haven’t had any problem. If I remember correctly you can drive all the way here, but I would recommend leaving the car further up and walk the rest. The road is bumpy, but let’s protect the area as well. Here is where you can find this particular bench.

Ramla Bay Gozo

13) Gharb

If you are renting a farmhouse in Gozo, most likely you will be staying in the village of Gharb. This area is very popular for holiday makers and I’ve stayed here at least 5 times myself. If that’s the case, here is the perfect bench to enjoy a romantic sunset with your loved one. Well I’ve watched this particular one with my girlfriends back in May! 🙂 And here is where you can find it.

Gharb sunset bench view

Bonus: Marsalfon Double Colour Bench

This is what happens when neighbours cannot agree on a colour OR have a great sense of humor! 🙂 Well this bench doesn’t offer any spectacular view. It is located just in front of a huge parking area in Marsalforn. However I think it’s pretty unique and had to be included in this list. How often do you see a bench like this? Next time you’re in Marsalforn, come here to take a picture. Just like me! I couldn’t resist! 🙂

marsalfon double colour bench