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Morning walk around Marsaskala

Morning walk around Marsaskala

Hello everyone, another week has passed so it's time for another adventure! This blog is a result of me studying the Google Maps and trying to see if I can find something interesting, something worth exploring. And I did! I was looking at the Marsaskala coastline and saw something that looked like a small "window", like a tiny little Azure Window so I got all excited and decided to check it out!

I parked my car in St Thomas Bay in Marsascala at about 8am on Sunday morning. Early start to avoid traffic and also the heat. And from there I went towards the Munxar Path (see Google Maps). There was a barrier, but I saw people jogging and walking in the area, so I assumed it was just to stop the cars from coming in, I passed it and continued walking.

And it took maybe 5 mins walking and I found the 'Marsaskala window'! I don't know if this little natural arch has a name, but it is pretty cute. I think with a little bit of caution, you could actually walk all the way down, but I found the surface quite slippery and since I was on my own I didn't risk it. Also, looking at it, one should be able to actually swim through it. How cool is that! 

After admiring Marsaskala's 'Azure Window' I continued walking to see what else I can find. I did check the map before I went down but I could only imagine that the views would be so spectacular! 

Now here is a little game! Can you spot the person walking on the beach? How did he get there? My guess would be the same way one would go to the 'window' and continue on the seashore. Comparison between the person and the cliffs can at least give you an idea of how tall the cliffs actually are! It' pretty awesome isn't it! :-)

I continued walking alongside the cliffs (with extra caution!) and was just taking in all the natural beauty. Such a wonderful place and yet again I have never been here before! Yes, I visited Marsaskala on quite a few occasions, but since I never knew, what's in the area, I never really explored the surroundings any further. 

Considering summer is at its peak, there was quite a lot of refreshing greenery! Quite a large number of beautiful agave plants and other flowers and bushes decorating the pathway...

Below is one last view of the stunning cliffs! Looking back at Google Maps it says the path I just passed is called the Munrax Hill, just in case you want to know exactly where I walked so you can get the exact same views. As I hate when I see some nice pictures on the internet and I cannot bloody find out from where was the picture taken..

Wonderful nature, stunning cliffs and beautiful scenery! The above and below photo was taken by standing close to the Xrobb L-Ghagin Hostel. I never knew there was any sort of accommodation in that area, but apparently so! You never know when you might need this information, so keep it in mind. :-) 

And now we are slowly, but surely coming to the end of this week's adventure. As you can see from the picture above it is a popular spot for small boats and yachts to anchor and enjoy some time at sea! At the end of the day it's summer, summer holidays are in full swing and if I had a boat I would be doing exactly the same thing! :-) But before I finish off with an embed map to give you the exact location, let's enjoy this gorgeous view of Il-Ħofra l-Kbira. 

And if you need a quick refreshing dip after the walk, you can do so! If you are not tired yet and you want to explore more, go back to your car and drive to St Peter's Pool and explore the area! I did as well and it was stunning!

The embed map below shows the exact location of the Marsaskala 'window', from there you just continue walking alongside the cliffs. That's all from me now and I hope you will go and explore this beautiful area this upcoming weekend! :-)

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