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Splendid Day at Selmun Beach

Splendid Day at Selmun Beach

I love sandy beaches and I think it was one of the main reasons why I moved to Malta at the first place. I basically wanted to have the option to go to the beach whenever I wanted to. However, one thing is the image in your head and one thing is the reality.

Of course I don't go to the beach as often as I would like to. Mainly because I cannot deal with the crowds and unless I go very early in the morning parking is a nightmare. BUT! Few years ago I visited a beach close to Selmun Palace but I only had a very vague memory of the place so I thought why not to go there again? So I did and I was very pleased! Now let me tell you why! :-)

Let's start with the gorgeous views! I had to pull aside and stop the car so I can take a picture of the view and enjoy it for a moment as when you drive you don't really have time to look around. Especially on this road! As you can see on the photo below, the road is very narrow, so you have to pay extra attention not to scratch your side mirrors and fit between these two walls!

This is not for everyone as my mum would never drive down this road (hahaha). There is a parking at the top of the hills and quite a few people just parked there and walked the remaining 500 meters to the beach. So think twice before you go down, as there aren't many turning points and it is one car at a time, so there is a chance you will be reversing quite a long way. But if you are okey with all that, there is a parking, quite a bumpy one though, just above the beach. I think we can all agree that the perfect form of transport for this particular road is a scooter or a quad bike. :-)

This stone structure is called a pillbox. It was contracted early in WWII because of the treat of an imminent invasion and it was manned by six soldiers. The pillbox has thick concrete walls camouflaged with rubble stones. It used to be surrounded by barbed wire and mines. If you walk around it, you can spot several openings for machine guns and rifles. The pillbox has a small tower on top to keep watch all around.

Now, welcome to the paradise! Or maybe heaven? I can't decide which term fits the best, but Selmun beach is definitely stunning and worth all the effort of getting here. There is a small path leading down to the beach, it is not very steep, so should be fine even for elderly people. Now let's let's just take in the outstanding scenery.   

I arrived to Selmun beach on Saturday at 3pm and there were only few people. Plenty of space as you can see in the photo. And just couple of people swimming, not the usual overcrowded scenario you get at Golden Bay. But before actually going down to the beach for a well deserved swim and some relaxing time, I thought I would explore a bit more to see what's behind the corner. 

After walking for maybe 5 to 10 mins away from Selmun beach I discovered another tiny beach. Only a handful of people, but the access was a bit challenging. However, that's what you get if you want to be alone, if it was easily accessible, it would be crowded, wouldn't it? I walked down to check it out anyway. Small pebble beach with unbelievably clear water! And I promise, there is no filter on these photos, that's how blue the water is!

This beach is pretty small, but if you want some privacy, or take your swimwear off, that's where you can do it. I think it might be a nudist spot, but there were also people with their swimming suite on so who knows. Just saying, just in case you wanted to know. :-) 

Now let's go back to Selmun beach. Here is another view of this beautiful natural site. As you can see Selmun beach is actually divided into two parts, sandy area and a rocky section. The part made of flat limestone rocks can offer a natural shade and was totally empty when I was visiting. Could serve as a nice private spot or if you are not really the sunbathing type and prefer a shade, that would be your best bet.

Absolute bliss! I don't think that you can get much better picture in a travel magazine than this. The perfect combination of cloudless sky, crystal clear water and sandy beach. What else can you possibly need on your day off? It felt like heaven. I only got an hour here as I made other plans on that day and it was really hard to leave! Calm sea, plenty of space, clean beach without all that dead seaweed (okey, there was a tiny bit in one corner). 

I also went to check out the rocky part of the beach. Not really my thing as I love sandy beaches and I need an easy access to the water as I am always worried that I slip or something, but then again, this could be an ideal place for someone else. 

Looking around, the surrounding areas are also very pretty. Especially the majestic cliffs on top of the hills. I love nature and spending time outside, either out and about or at a secluded beach like this one. It just recharges my batteries and brings a smile to my face. :-)

And here are last two images to finish of this week's blog. The perfect beach shot to make all your friends jealous and some happy toes in the waves! Island life has a lot of benefits and having a sandy beach within your reach is one of them! 

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