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Admiring Blata tal-Melh

Admiring Blata tal-Melh

They say ‘focus on the journey not the destination’ but man, don’t you find it frustrating when you set your mind to go somewhere and you just cannot bloody find the place? I do like quotes, but sometimes they just annoy me lol. 

Anyway, for the second time I have tried to find the Blata tal-Melh salt pans. There are some beautiful pictures of them on the internet, but no one ever says how to get to them! I have tried to get there one way – kept on ending up at someone’s private property. This week I tried my luck again from a different direction, but still didn’t manage – was nearly there but had to jump over a cliff and didn’t feel very comfortable doing it. (If anyone knows how to get there, please leave me a comment with the directions, thanks!). 

However, it wasn’t all just wasted time. I came across some beautiful sites and as you can see I was pretty happy about it!  

The views are amazing! Maltese coastline is just impressive. What sea water is able to make out of the Maltese limestone is pretty awesome! Miracles! 

Quite often, when out and about on my adventures, I have to jump, run, slide or climb a bit to get to my desire location. I tried it again, but this time it was higher than I thought and being on the edge of a precipice I didn’t risk it and found an alternative way around it. (Yes, I am very determined!) 

If you have enough time, just sit down and enjoy the view, maybe not right at the edge as I did to take the picture, but allow some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 

I just love the limestone cliffs with the rocks and stones of all the shape and sizes dotted all around. Also, don’t forget to look back every so often. 

I also think this would be a great place for a photoshoot with a difference! Might be a bit of a hassle to get all the stuff here, but I’m sure it would be worth it!

As I was saying above, sometimes I got to climb to places and this is definitely not an exception. I should have been more prepared and wear protective gloves as I did burn my fingers a bit. But worth the pain!

And this is the point where I got stuck. The salt pans I have been looking for are just behind the corner, but I was here by myself and I would have to jump to the other side and I just didn’t feel safe so I turned around and started my way back to the car. What a shame though, don’t you think? I was so close! But I guess better safe than sorry (or dead). 

Few final tips: 
- I parked at about 6pm, 5pm would have been better - more time to explore before sunset.
- Wouldn't recommend morning, you want to be here for the late afternoon sun / sunset.
- Wear comfortable clothing and good hiking/sport shoes.
- Come with someone, some parts are a bit dangerous so better in two.
- The entire walk took me about 1h 30 mins without long breaks.

I hope I got you a bit inspired and maybe sorted out your plans for the upcoming weekend. Here is a map with the exact location. This is where I parked my car. Also including a map with the exact route. 

Discovering Marks & Dukes Window

Discovering Marks & Dukes Window

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