Extreme Trek From Migra I-Ferha to Blata tal-Melh

This is, hands down, the most extreme trek I’ve done to date. Every challenge and stepping out of the comfort zone teaches us something. Makes us stronger in certain ways. More confident because of the accomplishments we have achieved.

I’m super happy we’ve done this trek. Even though I had my moments when I was going to give up. I will tell you more about it later on. Now, are you ready for the real adventure?

migra il-ferha parking view point malta

We start from the Migra I-Ferha parking, which is right on the horizon. This is where you have to leave your car, put on your trekking shoes, pack a lot of water and few snacks. It’s quite tricky to get here, so follow these instructions from Mdina.

Once you are here, you can also go down the steps that you can clearly see above and visit the Migra I-Ferha’s Ravine.

trekking alonside cliffs malta

So the trek is on! Prepare yourself that the second part of this hike is very uncomfortably on the edge of the cliffs. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk all the way to Blata tal-Melh. It’s also nice to trek approximately half way, sit down, take in the beauty of the area and go back.

group trek malta migra il-ferha

We started as a group of eight adventurers and finished as a group of seven. No, none fell of the cliffs, but one of my friends started feeling really uncomfortable and decided to stop further up and return. I’m not trying to scare you away, I’m just saying that this trek is not for everyone. However if you’re ready to push your limits then let’s go!

extreme trek to blata tal-melh malta

trekking in malta

The scenery is breath-taking what shall I say. Gorgeous views, random boulders, even some green vegetation during summer months!

stunning cliffs Rdum tal-Vigarju malta

When you get to this point – stop! Take a break and admire these beautiful cliffs. Rest and get mentally prepared as the coming part of the trek will be one of the hardest. The path is literally on the edge of very high cliffs. Please take care and be respectful. Mind your steps.  Squat down and walk like a chicken if you need to. That’s what I did anyway. No one was laughing at me. The most important is that we all get safely from point A to B. If you get uncomfortable, please speak up. Let your hiking buddies know. Better safe then sorry.

If I’m not mistaken, this picture was taken approximately half way though the trek in an area known as Rdum tal-Vigarju.

Rdum tal-Vigarju Malta

extreme trek malta

This quirky looking rock along the path is known as Iz-Zugraga (the spinning top). One of my readers shared a photo of him standing on top of this boulder! I have no idea how he managed to get up, or even worse, got down, but he did!

rock known as iz-zugraga - the spinning top

And here we are! The gorgeous Blata tal-Melh from above. This is one of my favourite places in Malta. I don’t come here often, but when I do, I’m just sooo happy. Blata tal-Melh makes me smile. It’s a balm on the soul. The very first time I visited this area I walked from the Bahrija side, which is much easier. You can check my blog and see if you would prefer this alternative route.

blata tal-melh malta

blata tal-melh malta

This trek was a lot about teamwork. Helping each other, supporting each other and encouraging the ones that were doubtful that they can manage.

blata tal-melh malta

You will feel so small here, I guarantee that. We felt like bunch of tiny ants exploring the area. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. It should teach us respect to nature and its powers.

blata tal-melh malta

blata tal melh steps

Blata tal-Melh is divided in two parts by a ‘gap’ in the rock. So there are two options. You can climb up these steps. It’s much easier to go up than down, so keep it in mind. This is what I opted for and you get a gorgeous view of the salt pans.

blata tal-melh malta saltpans

When walking around the salt pans please be careful! There is a deep hole leading to the sea, that one could fall into easily. It’s located very close to the sea. You can spot it if you look on the picture below. It’s just before the salt pans start. My friends noticed it just in time. It’s quite dangerous and not marked in any way. Just keep it in mind when walking and talking pictures, so you don’t miss it.

blata tal-melh and coast malta

blata tal melh house malta

I’ve also spotted this ‘room’ carved in the rocks. It had mats rolled up and hanged from a ceiling. I’m sure spending a night at Blata tal-Melh is magical, but I’m too much a of chicken to do that. So thanks, not for me! Haha.

blata tal melh malta extreme trek

Now going down to the other part of Blata tal-Melh was the biggest challenge for me. You had to basically get to that ‘dark’ stone level. There were few steps leading down to it. And then sort of squat down and walk another 3 meters to the left where the rocks were a bit lower. Get down on your belly, let your feet down so the guys get catch them and help me down. No wonder my bum looks the way it looks.

The second option, which some of my friends found much easier, is ‘simply’ jump over this gap. There is water underneath, so if you don’t get stuck or hit your head on the rocks you should be fine. But to jump you have to walk all the way in to the narrowest part of the gap. On even narrower and very thin stone ‘bridge’. Which is totally insane in my opinion.

blata tal-melh malta gap

blata tal-melh malta

I’m sure you will agree with me, if I say that this doesn’t look like Malta. It’s more like walking on the moon or some other planet. Seriously. It’s super cool and kind of sci-fi like. Feels so unreal. It does have a certain vibe, that’s hard to describe. In a good way though.

blata tal-melh malta

rope climbing blata tal-melh malta

It’s time to warm up your arm muscles and climb your way up. Yes, it’s a lot of physical activity, not just walking but climbing, jumping, sliding, pulling. In all that heat!

blata tal-melh malta

blata tal-melh malta

Now this is easy, enjoyable ending to our 3hrs long trek. No hard obstacles, gorgeous views. It’s like the cherry on the cake.

blata tal-melh scenery malta

Talking a moment here and looking back at what we had accomplished that day. I think we all pushed ourselves in different levels. Became even closer group that sticks together and happy to help and support each other.

blata tal-melh malta

blata tal-melh malta

Our super extreme trek is coming to an end. At this point we are only few hundred meters away from the parking area. Nothing much left to show you. I hope you enjoyed this ‘hard-core’ hike and you will a go some time soon. Just don’t go alone please. Below you can find, as usual, the exact locations. This time I shared them both, the beginning and the end of the trek.

This is our starting point.

And this is where we finished and called a taxi to come and pick us up so we can get our cars. 🙂