Challenging Trek from Ghar Lapsi to Pixxina Naturali

Here is another stunning yet quite challenging trek that I would like to share with you. If you don’t know what to do in Malta during this crazy Covid-19 time, here is an idea with utmost social distancing.

Let me start with few warnings, so you know where you stand from the very beginning. When you get to the starting point (the Ghar Lapsi car park), you will be greeted with a a big ‘Falling Rocks – Do not go beyond this point’ sign. This trek was recommended to me, so when I saw this I was rather disappointed.

Should I stay or should I go? That’s what I was singing in my head and took some time to think about it. While I was waiting at the car park, a man continued on this path with his dog, an elderly couple with fishing props went in too.. So I decided to go and see for myself. From the start I recommend this trek to experienced trekkers with a good quality footwear!

Ready for some adrenaline rush? Let’s go!

ghar lapsi bay view trek malta

The first view, once you cross over to the ‘danger zone’ is of the stunning and crystal clear Ghar Lapsi bay! I mean seriously, this is picture perfect, ready to be placed in a travel magazine. And believe me it’s even nicer in reality. You just want to jump in! However be careful here and don’t go very close to the edge of the cliffs, even though it is very, very tempting.

ghar lapsi view of filfla

I’m sure you already recognised the island of Filfla in the distance. It is actually an islet, to be more precise. It a very small, inhabited, mainly barren islet covering the area of just 37 square kilometres! If you’re wondering how for Filfla is from the Maltese shores, it is situated about 4,5km south of Malta.

Did you know that once upon a time where was a chapel on Filfla? It’s true! The chapel was dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption and is believed to be built in 1343. The chapel was however deconsecrated in 1575 and later on destroyed by an earthquake in 1856 that also sank part of the island. What to know more? Here is an interesting article by Times of Malta.

ghar lapsi trek path

Here is the path to the next daring adventure! Are you ready? As there is a lot to be discovered and outstanding views to be enjoyed! Look at the majestic rock in the picture below. Imagine the amount of caves and openings that are hiding within these rocks just waiting to be discovered. Maybe I should pick up rock climbing as my next hobby!

ghar lapsi malta cliffs caves

ghar lapsi dangerous cliffs

Okey, now look at this picture carefully. It is a absolutely mind blowing view! However pay a close attention to the state of the cliffs and all the rocks and rubble gathered underneath it. I was basically walking on the edge of the cliff. As that’s where the path is. It is not that scary, but it requires caution and it is physically challenging. This will be the most difficult part to pass, so once that is over, it will be easy peasy afterwards. Just remember that you will be coming the same way back. Just saying. 🙂

Here is another stunning view of Filfla accompanied by two random yet very beautiful rocks.

ghar lapsi stones rocks filfla island

ghar lapsi challenging trek malta

Here is a proof that I was not the only one walking down this route. This elderly fisherman seemed to be a frequent visitor to this area. Which gave me courage that if he can walk it, so can I. Even though I am quite a chicken when it comes to heights. Not always, but I do get quite scared sometimes. Maybe because I am a mommy and I have responsibilities. Or many I’m just a chicken.

ghar lapsi path trek amazing views malta

If you seeing this view, you passed the most ‘dangerous’ part of the trek. Congratulations! Now you can take a minute (or half an hour if you want) to appreciate the wonderful views. The peace and quiet. The relaxing feeling of being surrounded by pure nature, looking at the sea and smelling the grass and flowers. Very refreshing I can tell you that.

ghar lapsi path trek amazing views malta

ghar lapsi maltatina trek

Cheese! A wide smile of one happy trekker! Yes, for those who’ve been following me for a while, I’ve changed my hair colour. Yes, again! Haha.

Behind me, in the distance, you can see Tal-Ħamrija Coastal Tower. I was kind of hoping to finish this trek there, but I’m about to discover that it’s not really possible. You can visit this coastal tour as part of the trek to the Ghar Hanex Window.

ghar lapsi trek nature path malta

This is definitely a place I will return, hopefully next time I plan it earlier on in the year, so I get the grass while it’s still green. But that’s not something worth complaining about. Just look at the views! You look up and there is a stunning rock formation above you. Look down and you get gorgeous sea view with Filfla on the horizon. Look in front of you and you can admire amazingly shaped coastline with a coastal tower in the far back. What else do you possibly need? And let’s not forget to mention, since I’m writing this blog during Covid-19 crisis, social distancing at its best!

ghar lapsi cliffs stunning views

ghar lapsi area trek view

When you reach this view point Pixxina Naturali will be literally just under you. If you squat down and look towards your left you will see it. To get to it, you have to go couple of meters back. There is a path. A bumpy and pretty steep one. Be careful while walking down, but it’s manageable with caution.

Pixxina Naturali Malta

When I was writing the blog, this point was the end of my trek and I didn’t try to explore it further due to lack of time. However during a recent trek, I walked it from Mnajdra Temples and realised that there is, indeed, a path!

Ghar Lapsi trek

If you want you can keep on walking all the way to Ghar Hanex, Mnajdra Temples and Tal-Ħamrija Coastal Tower.  The path is just a bit further up from where I was standing. At one point it is VERY close to the edge, so nothing for the faint-hearted. Even I was straggling!

ghar lapsi coastline caves malta

Also, if there are any snorkeling enthusiasts it seems like a great place to snorkel. Crystal clear water, many (surely) interesting caves and even the access to the sea looks reasonable.

It is hard for me to tell you how long this trek took me, as since I left my partner and my son behind (they went to explore Ghar Lapsi bay instead) I was literally running back. Why? Well because I said I will only be 5mins! Haha! 🙂 Instead I just kept on going and going and going and basically ended up running back. I couldn’t call and let them know that I will be longer as I had no signal and I didn’t want them to freak out either. But being it a beautiful area I would recommend you to have good 3 hours, so you have the option to sit down and just take in all the natural beauty.

ghar lapsi swimming spot

Now I’m back at the Ghar Lapsi cave (I think I can call it that), which is totally packed in summer time! It is safe to say that this is one of the most popular places to swim in the south of Malta. What you’re looking at in the distance is basically what I just trekked/walked/ran there and back.

ghar lapsi crystal clear water

I would like to close of his photo blog with this stunning photo. I’m just going to leave it here for you to enjoy and as a reminder that better times are coming! Stay safe and stay hopeful.